tilt - the unavoidable curse, or simple  psychic condition.
       Many of us (poker players) knows the definition of this word pretty well, and i'm sure, that everyone have been there. So, what and how we should do to get rid of this awfull "series of losings" at the table.
first of all, let's get it straight "Tilt"  is nothing more, than moral state of our mind after some, in your opinion, "bad beats" and in the end - series of lost hands,tables (if it's tournaments) and etc. What do we do after, what we lost a game or few in a row? we going to get rematch immediatly and that's the first thing that we doing wrong! See, the thing is that poker is the game of minds, while we play we think about every our move, think few moves ahead what we'll do in one or another situation which depends on our opponent's move, we think that we calculated all our odds, outs and probable "hands" of opponent,BUT, we forget that we can't predict 100% cards on board( flop,turn or river) (especially RIVER, if you know what i mean ).


 [my own example ]

Even after all calculating processes in our head, the opponent has his chance to make a better hand because of unpredictable "board" and in this case,  we start to fall in "Tilt", losing hand by hand, pot by pot, our mind becomes confused and if i may call it "upset" that's why in next games we do more wrong,rush and thoughtless decisions,losing game by game  and finally we see that we almost lost our bankroll. Congratulation - you got TILT =)

Now, when we finally know the whole process of getting into the "tilt", i'd like to tell few public "antidotes" for it.
1st - A lot of players will say if you feel any of the "tilt" symptoms - stop playing.
Yes, mostly it's a very good advice, atleast, it will help you to save your bankroll.
But if online poker is the way you making money, or you just decided to start online poker career you can not stop playing and every day thinking "are you still in "tilt", or it's gone?"
Well the 2nd way is i think for more experienced poker-players and it sounds like "go to lower limits and (or) play less tables at the time"  (buy-in)
well, surely that will  help, but as i said before, for more experienced players, whos bankroll is not 60-70 buy ins  at the lowest limits.

Now let me finish this article with my way of getting rid of "Tilt"
so 3rd "antidote" is "positive inspiration"
As we all know the best way to get rid of tainted attitude to "whatever it is" is positive way of thinking about it and poker is not an exception. What i'm trying to tell here is you should find something that will inspire you to winnings! Let it be "silly cats" video on youtube,  a good book or a song. You have to find something that will clear your mind.
for me it can be pro player's results, or for example this guy Nanonoko, omg he's awesome. I watch also D.Negreanu live events for me it works like "energy drink" gives more confidance, that i can win. Did you saw pokerstars tv ads? Such a rush of emotions in those short videos. You should try it out!!

few of my favs :

East vs West


Inner Demon


I wish you all best of luck at the tables and try to avoid "Tilt" condition =)
P.S I apologise for any grammar mistakes