As I write this article I am in 8th place with over 1882 points. I have only once reached this high on the leaderboard and it took me until the 24th of January to do it. I have achieved my goal of being ahead of pace from where I have been in both January and February. In both months I had to struggle in the final days only to be on the cusp(11th in january, 10th in February) and falling hard at the end of the month. This month I vowed to be different, and so far it is going that way.

I believe that when all the numbers are crunched and the remainder of the games are played that I will be #1 in the league. I am within striking distance of reaching that goal and I will achieve it. Thank you to all my supporters for your kind words and encouragement and to all my detractors, enjoy watching me soar to the top!