For a day or two or a week or two you're getting cards like crazy. Limping in with a K-3 with a big stack from the button and get a 3-3-4 flop. Catch a K on the turn and get promoted to a boat. Life is good. Then you wake up one day and can't get a hand to save your life. I have a buddy that just plays looser and uses less judgement about what to play. He calls it 'hand expansion'. I can't do that. It drains my chips and puts me in a desperate position, and that's rarely good. I still want to play fairly strict position poker. But I will spend a little more time watching the table and deciding who I can make a move against - once I get decent cards. Hey, it's gotta happen eventually! If I get a respectable hand I may make an open raise in middle position and hope for folds. If not, I'm hoping that I won't get re-raised, anyway, or at least not unless somebody has a premium hand. Once I see the flop I can decide whether to play or fold. Hopefully this 'down' part of cycle will be short. We all go through these ups and downs. The trick (I think) is to stay in control as much as possible and not resort to being reckless. Build up a workable stack and play your usual game as much as possible. If you're a decent or better player, your game has served you well. Why desert it? This works for me most of the time. What works for you?