I thought a lot about this title, "Hit By The Deck," not wanting to call my blog something mundane. Plus, I recently had the experience of being 'hit by the deck' in a couple of PSO tourneys. It's always a wonderful feel to get AA two hands in a row, then a KK and then an AQ (suited, too) - all within one circle of the dealer puck. Of course, this is an exceptional occurence and you never know when it may happen - usually NOT when you need the chips the most, either. Sometimes you just have to build a good lead so you have something with which to work when the blinds go wa-a-ay up and people start getting desperate. I do want to say that I think the PSO league is definitely making me a better player. The courses offered, the league play and practicing between tourneys on the SnG's are all starting to have an effect. I still need to find a little more time to play, but there's precious little 'TV Time' left in my life and until the weather turns cold and snowy I'm not ready to sacrifice too much golf. I also play in a local online PS league (private tourney). Low buy-ins and we're really playing for league points, although a cash out is definitely welcome, too. As a poker player I have a long way to go. I started in mid-July and by the end of the month had only logged 4 tourneys, ending with a rank of 1306. By the end of August I moved up to 761, and after a couple of early departures caused by too much play and an abundance of lost focus, I'm now at 777 for September. My goal is to get to a rank of 440 by the end of the year. That would place me in the top 10% of league players. See you at the tables.