When I restarted playing pokerschool two months ago, my main aim was to discipline myself with good poker skills. Added to that is my goal for getting promoted made me decide that I should end up inside the top 2000 ranks at the end of the month. This resolve I have taken in the month of April 2017. In the month of May, I was almost there inside the 2000 ranks,  the highest I reached was around 1500th rank but somehow I slipped there and edged out of 2000 ranks. Then I strongly resolved at the start of the month of June that I should not miss my target this time. First I reached the 2000 rank. Then I revised my targets periodically from then on until I reached my top rank position of 104th. But slipped from there about 110 rank positions because of quality players at the top. What do you think guys of my rank position, Good or Bad?



I am posting some of the boom hands I played during some of the tournaments which might be of some interest to you.

1. powergame555 - $0.02 NL Hold'em [990 Players, Hyper-Turbo] -Level XII (3000/6000)


2. powergame555 - $0.02 NL Hold'em [990 Players, Hyper-Turbo] -Level X (1500/3000)



3. powergame555 - Sunday Storm Sat: 5+R StarsCoin NLHE [Turbo],8 Seats Gtd - Level VII




4. powergame555 - Sunday Storm Sat: 5+R StarsCoin NLHE [Turbo],8 Seats Gtd - Level XII (350/700)



5. powergame555 - Sunday Storm Sat: $0.33 NLHE [Turbo, Deep], 8 Seats Gtd - Level VII (200/400)



6.  powergame555 Big $1.10, $2K Gtd - Level XII (200/400)



7. powergame555 - $0.02 NL Hold'em [990 Players, Hyper-Turbo] - Level VI (400/800)



Suggestions on how to improve the above hands are most welcome!

Once again I am gunning for the Top 200th rank in the High School League. Good Luck Guys!