I have just been ousted out of Elementary league, I was in cut-off position, all the players folded up to me, I had 8-6 hearts, I called,  the button and small blind folded, the other guy in big blind raised 2 blinds, I called again, the flop was 3d-8c-6c, I immediately bet the pot as I had two pair straightaway, this guy went all in, I put my remaining chips into the pot, do you know what he had done? He was holding 3s-Jd, he went all in seeing with the 3 pair. GUTS!  He hit Js on the turn!!! WHAT THE HECK!!! I'M GONE!!! I was cruising smoothly with 7800 odd chips with 2000 players remaining, hovering around 250 to 260th position. I was the 1992nd player to be ousted out of the tournament. This is called bad beat, a variance, and a tilt! Coz' I was angry after that, coz' of that lousy guy hitting with trash cards seeing a 3-pair! IT HAPPENS TO EVERYONE! It happens with anyone, I was angry, it was tilt, I cooled down after some time while playing SPIN & GO with play money!


The last month of May, after a very long gap, I decided to play in the pokerschool league tournaments to hone the skills - patience, endurance, calmness & survival instincts, come what may, the only objective is to survive at any cost and sail through the tournament to end in the money. This I wanted to practice before getting into big cash tournaments with a buy-in so that I could make decent money out of poker to sustain my lifestyle. I was hovering around 1100 to 1200th rank, I tried hard to go further and stay within the top 2000 to qualify for promotion to the next higher league, where playing would be little harder and tough to survive and qualify for promotion into next big league. And also it would help you to be battle hardened to play in buy-in tournaments. I tried hard however, I could not hold on to that position and slipped out of the top 2000 coz' of not getting enough points in the ten odd remaining tournaments, but to stay around top 2000 in a pool of over 65,000 players is a good achievement.

Then I decided in this month of June, that I would aim to achieve my goal at any cost.  HenceI pursued my goal with patience, perseverance, and endurance. Here I broke into the top 2000 out of 63,000 odd players. I was at 1900 rank after 10 tournaments. I aimed for 1500th rank and reached the target. Further, I aimed at the 1000th rank and reached there, then into 900, then into 800, then into 500, then into 300, then into 200, once I was inside 200th rank, I went for inside 150th rank, here I am!!! My present rank is 117th out of 63,000 players. Breaking into 100th rank is a matter of one or two tournaments. Then I will aim for top 50, then 20, then 10!

In one of the league tournaments, I was hovering around 2nd position in chip level, somehow I got carried away with the situation where all players were playing aggressively, I too fell for it and ended at 24th position. This all is an experience in itself as we should not repeat the same mistakes again and again, if WE HAVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT PLAYING POKER AND EARN A DECENT INCOME OUT OF IT.  I would like to suggest all of you guys, is to make it into the money as consistently as possible, no matter how much, but end in the money. MAKE IT A HABIT! 

That's all for now! HAPPY POKER! All the best guys!