Here I am, yet after playing onemore tournament, BIG BAD BEAT!


Here I was playing averagely, in the top 2000 position from total of 10,000 ended up ousted at 1863 position. I was in Big Blind with AK suited 2200 chips, everyone folded upto me except UTG-2 with approx. 4000 chips, wherein he just called with 300, when my turn came I raised to 3 blinds that is 900, he called, the FLOP read A-5-10, I had AK Suited so I raised with 50%, he went all in hence i to put all my chips in the pot then the FLOP read as A-5-10-J-A...................!!!! HE WON THE POT!! Do you know what he was holding A-10 FULL HOUSE!!  I LOST HOLDING A-K SUITED!!! This is called the BAD BEAT and the LUCK FACTOR. My cards did not flop properly even when holding superior HOLE CARDS!! 

What should I do now? Getting ousted even when holding MONSTER CARDS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What do you call this? THE LUCK FACTOR or BAD BEAT!!!

Anyway I won't stop playing because I was outdone by a BAD BEAT! I will keep playing until I win a tournament! Good luck to you guys!!! Have a nice day!