Hi  poker buddies, today I have come here to post some vital experience I had in playing Pokerschool Tournaments. I have been hovering around rank 1200 for a long time scoring points every fourth tournament I  played, but this time It has been 8 tournaments since I scored points as I was getting ousted in the range of 1500 to 2000th position. Do you know why? BAD BEATS!!!Been beaten with 7-2 with A-Q in hand,  the flop 2 - 8 - 6 - A - 7, the other guy kept on betting on 2 until the last card 7 flopped on the river while I had Ace on the turn. Was trying hard to end in higher position but I was done in. THIS IS THE LUCK FACTOR! Its been the same story in the last 8 tournaments, tried hard to get into the top 2000 to be ousted by BAD BEATS!!! this experience teaches you to be extra alert with high 6th sense.

Do not get rattled and disappointed, think this is an experience, take time off poker immediately, calm down. Do not lose money by playing continuously, this might be your off day! Cut off! Come back again the next day with fresh mind, fresh target, big determination  and play wonderfully but don't forget to go through the POKER LESSONS before you take part in the tournaments. Refresh!

Guys, I am down but not out!!! I have not lost hope, I am still continuing until I win the tournament as the saying goes "FORTUNE FAVORS THE BRAVE!!!" Guys I wouldn't stop until i hit the JACKPOT!!!

Most of the time whenever any player gets beaten by a bad beat, they tend to go on a TILT!! I say thats dangerous. My advise to all poker buddies is that if you want to let out your steam on the bad beats, come here in the blog and post your feelings, that will help you let out the steam! Again my advise is write positive comments, that will help you and also the players who read your post. 

Seeing this we too tend to play TRASH CARDS now and then, with a hope that we too can BAD BEAT or BROW BEAT others!!!! Don't do that! Play perfect poker!!!