Hi poker buddies! This is another day and another post from me. I wish everybody had a great day. 

Today I wanted to write about the rigours of playing tournament poker. Ofcourse, you can smell lot of money playing tournaments, but it needs lots of patience, focus and application alongwith lots of stamina to sit for long hours.  I advise you to have a calm mindset atleast from 2 hours before the tournament starts. Sit and play without any disturbance or distractions.  Concentrate on the game. Set goals and play one tournament a day. Review your poker lessons daily atleast for half an hour daily, this will refresh your mind with the poker basics and discipline. These rules get imbibed in you which will help you in the long run and lets you play perfect poker. If you end in the top 10 percent of the tournament, its a very good achievement.  Tournament poker is all about surviving and lasting long. Gathering chips at steady pace and not taking undue risk. Here i see lots of players going all in with a pair of fours or fives or sixes even while big cards are in the flop. Sometimes they bluff going all in while you hold a pair or two pair, You never know about bad beats. So be very careful, tread carefully and also aggressively when you are sure you are in for the pot. Relax and play. 

I really wish to write a lengthy post but time is a constraint hence I will end here. I will come back again with new ideas. Till then good bye and best of luck! Win tournaments!!!