Hi, everybody, this is Powergame555, an avid poker player, who is interested in earning some serious income from playing poker. I have lots of experience in playing in POKERSTARS tournaments and games.  i would be coming out with advises and remedies to correct our style of play to be effective poker players in the long run. My advise stick to basics of poker rules. Tight and aggressive aproach is the best effective style of play to end in the money. Keep targets and goals of reaching a spot in a particular tournament before you start playing or entering a tournament. Tournament play is all about playing and surviving, building your chip level, to survive at all costs otherwise you will end up being ousted out of the tournament. I also attach boom hands here for you to think and learn about the beats we get or the beats we give to others. Any which way!!! Which hand to play and which hand not to play. 

There are so many ideas and tips which I would like to share with you in my future posts. Meanwhile I would be trying my hand at yet another tournament entry.

Thank you and wish you all the best!!