Even though I am out of the Time Vault due to my break, I thought I might as well join in with the other guys and deal with an end of the year review myself.


The Initial Position

I started playing poker back in 2009, had quite a few breaks, eventually last Christmas I decided to get back in the game for good, I had a 5$ to my name, by the 31st of December I was up to 15$, and those I used to start my challenge, as I want this hobby of mine to be completely indipent and autofinanced.


The Goals

Get to the 31st of December playing poker  

Raise my bankroll to at least 250$ to start playing NL10 

Earn Silver Star 

FT Ticket side project (read more in my 2013 Goals post


The Score

I would say yes, this year has been a success.

I have managed to hit my two main goals, as I am still playing as of December 2013 and looking forward to the new year when I'll set new goals for myself, I have also raised my roll to 325$, which 75$ more than I what I was expecting to have, all of this with a 2 months break and about 3 months taking it VERY easy.

I didn't hit SilverStar mostly because while I was hot on pursuit of my goals I had my roll on Full Tilt, kind of hard to reach a VIP level on PokerStars without playing on it. This wasn't planned and happened because after I set my goals I decided to move over, so I'm not really sorry for having missed this goal. I did reach Silver on FT though!

The last goal was a very minor one, failing that is not really important.


The Story

I started very good in January, I was very excited by getting back into Poker, I wanted to play a lot, learn lots of new stuff, enjoy a passion of mine. As I was looking for some interesting reading I happened to come across the Time Vault promotion and I started writing on PSO.

I had a very quick and surprising boost up, by the end of January I was up to NL5 and by May I finally took a shot at NL10, which went well.

During those months I read a lot, done reviews, posted hands and watched videos. I still consider myself a very ignorant player, but I believe that I have learned the core well and got the right mindset; even though any kind of advance play still eludes me, I feel like I have done a great step forward by simply putting in the commitment and (almost) fixing my two biggest leaks, not letting go and lack of aggression.

Too bad in May I started having a nervous breakdown which bloomed in June, hence I was forced to retire to deal with my life, as described in my previous blog post.

In August I decided was time to get back into poker, moved down to NL2 and played very easy, 2/4 hours a week, no review, no studying, just enjoying an hobby.

I started doing some irregular weekly and monthly updates in October, however, I wasn't really ready for a full come back and was doing it on my own blog, together with some writing about films and other stuff. I didn't want to get back here as I still wanted to be realxed about it, whereas I associate PSO to a more involved environment.

By the end of November I upped the time and started pushing for 5/6 hours per week.

Now in December I am finally ready to be back full time, I am again studying, reviweing my hands and writing on PSO, ready for an interesting 2014.


The End

Thanks to everyone for reading, commenting, giving me suggestions or just giving me a smile. Has been a very good year with you guys, hope to have many more ^_^