Still alive!!!


I've had my fair share of sun this summer, thankfully for once Britain decided to be nice towards us and has been extremely pleasant, especially enjoyed touring Wales and taking my bike all the way to Florence, done a few thousands miles and had a blast, that wasn't however why I wasn't writing.

I've had my breakdown in June and at first I just couldn't recover, after a terrible session in early June I decided that my mind wasn't really up to the task and left poker aside for a while. Eventually in August I decided to give it a try, but I was leaving soon for my vacation (3500 miles across Europe) and I didn't touch the game again until September, just a few days though.

The true comeback was in October, I haven't really played much, but at least I was trying to play every week, even if it was just a couple of hours, I was at the tables, which was the important bit. Now I'm trying to play at least 5 hours a week, which is not much, but at least I am playing it regularly, which is already a good starting point before getting back into a proper schedule.

Results so far have been decent, but I wasn't really expecting anything different as I moved down to NL2, I just needed a relaxed approach and restarting from NL10 didn't feel like a sensible idea; I needed to get again some feeling for the game, let the fear go, so far so good.

In the past couple of weeks fear was the main enemy, took me a bit to realise the extent, step by step I'm overcoming it though. The main issue that I have noticed since I restarted playing was falling into old habits, which means lowering the aggression and not letting go, this caused some damage, but I am slowly getting better in the department.

My only goal since I restarted in August was consistency, and with highs and lows I've eventually managed to get there, the main difficulty that I faced was mostly due the fact that my social life has increased quite a lot, hence I couldn't really find much time for playing, however, it is something I truly love and is time I make time time for it.

I don't want to put any more goals for now, especially as I'll be off to visit my parents in Florence for Christmas, I'll be there from the 24th to the 29th, so I'll simply keep it consistent and play at least 5 hours a week, with the obvious exception of the week I'll be away, plus adding on the side some reading; started already by going through all of the courses here, most is stuff that I know by heart, but to get into the habit of reading I thought that going through easy reads already learned will help me get going and, why not, refresh the memory.

Let's see if I last this time! But I look at the bright side, this time my break was barely a couple of months and I'm already back in the game ^_^