I remember when I started playing some live poker ages ago, we were playing 5 cards draw with a stripped deck as it's traditional in Italy, we were kids and I remember and how it all felt like watching the movies, I had no clue how was best to play, I think those same movies maybe put too much emphasys on the big bluffs and there you are, you start to believe that the core of the game is making a big bluff.

Fast forward a few a years and I'm playing online poker, watching the likes of Tom Dwan bet stupid money on a 27o, yet again you admire the big bluffs.

Tnen you sit at the table, and when your opponent shove the river, what do you do? You call, he can't have your hand beaten, it's just a bluff, and you hand him your stack.


For a reason or another it just feels that bluff is way overvalued in poker, from a beginner perspective. We probably believe it being the core of the game whereas is probably all the opposite, we have to learn the base first and we should tend to believe thay have the point, at any level, unless of course we have solid reason to believe the opposite, which obviously should be more solid than "I don't believe he has me beaten".


With the above train of thought I started folding more often and matter of fact I have had an improvement in my game, I am now probably losing out on a few chances, but surely I am no longer giving away my stack.