Back after quite a silence, February hasn't been the best of months and I've paid the price, mostly I started to be nervous around the game and I thought the best solution was to take some time off, having some vacation already planned helped a lot.

I think the main reason was being burned out, was so happy about that Big Bang partecipation that I got overexcited and got in way over my head, not good.

Now I'm slowly getting back into my shoes and I'm definitely enjoying the game again, the only "problem" being that, taking this break, I've lost my Edge status and need to restart from scratch, not too difficult to do, took just a couple of days to reach Bronze again, but for Silver is going to take probably a month and at my rythm I'll probably be losing some 3/4$ a week in rakeback, not much, but could've been a big boost to my roll. Well, shit happens.better learn to live with it.

At this point I should say lesson learned, it's good to set goals, is also good to take breaks. Let's see how it goes!