Since I got back into the game after Christmas I've been running hot and my roll is looking good, on Christmas I had 15$ to my name, I was looking at a slow grind at NL2 and expected myabe to move some time in February, maybe March, which is why when I draw my Limits I did write down also bb/100 requirement, I firmly believed that I wasn't going to reach it and that I would have needed to work towards it, well, I was pleasantly wrong.

Took me about a month of a NL2 to go from a 15$ roll to 82$, then with a bonus on the 25th I've passed the 100$ mark and moved up to NL5, in 3 days I'm now sitting at 141$. Let me tell you, pleasant, exciting, but scary, as it means that soon I'll face NL10.

Cashing Out

I had originally planned not to touch anything out of my bankroll at NL2 beacause, well, at NL2 cashing means killing the roll. I had some idea for NL5 and as I stepped up I've decided that with the end of each month I'll cash 15% of the table profits, is not a huge cut and little by little will help me update the software, purchase new one and spend in poker instruction, as I want all my poker expenses to come off my roll.

I don't plan on buying any book yet, my studies are still focused on the basics and I have already plenty of material to read, here on PSO, printed out or on other sites. With my recent upgrade to HM2 all I have left to acquire is probably Leak Buster, I'll have a look to the other addons they offer, but that was the only that caught my eye, then I'll probably start saving towards coaching for when the limits start to hit me.

On the side, I'll do also some personal cash out as half of the bonuses will be cashed. This is for a dual reason, first I've been playing strong and I want to pull a bit the break, I also wouldn't mind if the bonuses would help me pay the bank, or one eve I could go out thinking that the meal has been paid by the game, is motivational.

Goal Reassessment

Considering my results I would say that my final goal of reaching NL10 wasn't well aimed, maybe I'm just being humble, god knows... anyway, by the looks of it I'll hit it within February or March, as such I could probably aim at NL25 for the end of the year.

With the idea in mind of a possible future living off poker, I thought I could start raising the buy-ins required for the limits to ensure more safety. One thing is to get to NL50 with a 30BI roll and decide that I need to get to a 100BI before living off it, could be a huge grind, whereas if I was to get there with a more delicate approach, raising linearly the BI required through the limits, it would probably feel better.

All of the above considered, I will be raising my NL10 requirement to 25x and NL25 to 30x.

Mind me, I'm not saying that I plan on going pro next month, my primary goal still is surviving to the end of the year, but if I was to get to December still playing, and playing decently at higher limits, I surely wouldn't mind giving it a shot, this is simply me paving the way. As such, this is how I've planned the new progress, considering only the next two limits, the rest will be designed once I get there and I know better. I might even end up at NL25 getting stuck there, who knows, but I can tell that thinking big, planning your steps and working hard towards it doesn't sound a bad idea to me.