I've dealt with topic on the forum, but then I thought that might deserve his own thread here, and here we are.


I've created an image by fixing a table in Word and taking a screenshot as I don't know how to create table in the blog, if you have a clue, please, do share.

You might notice that looks a bit unusual, with the bankroll required being larger as we move up, going from a 20xBI at NL5 to a 30x at NL100, plus a very unusual bb/100 column. Let's get to it.

The first unusual bit about the multiplier going up is due to a shift in goals; now, you need to know that I originally started playing poker years ago as I was in dire straits and I knew a few ex-StarCraft player that did the shift and were quite succesfull, so I thought to get into the game with the long term plan of playing for a living. For a reason or another it didn't work out, when I was in the game I proved to be capable, for personal reason though I couldn't focus and dropped out.

Now that I'm back into the game I don't want to start with the pretense that I'm going pro, I'm starting very light hearted, my first and foremost goal is to stay in the game, keep playing, hence the initial approach is a lighter one and you can see it in the 20x requirement, but when I'll get to the end of the year and I'll still be here, well, then it's the case of getting some safety behind my back, and so the requirement for a bigger roll.

As you can see, the growth is linear, 20-22-25-28-30.


The second unusual bit is the bb/100 column, and I've put this one in place because I want to have minimum win rate before going up, to put it simple, if I don't have at least that win rate it means that I'm not ready to step up, and I'll stay behind working on my leaks.


With all the above together, you might call me overly cautious, and I probably am, but the blunt truth is that I'm already happy as I am behing back in the game, so far I've had 3 amazing weeks and I'm in no rush to go anywhere. I've heard a few critics saying that I should just make a deposit and go fish NL5 for twice the profit, but I answer to those with a different view, is something I've read in one of my favourite books ages ago:

The money's just a way of keeping score. It's the game that's important.