As stated in the thread where I started this topic, my main goal is consistency, as such I don't care much about numbers, the main goal is to get to the 31st of December still playing, everything else is a bonus.

However, while the above is sufficient to motivate me, maybe it wouldn't be much of a challenge, so I'm delving a bit more into it and I'm setting a goal for the year and will update with monthly challenges to keep me up in the short run.


Initial Position

Noob player out of the game for a good while.

~15$ bankroll on Stars, playing 2NL

a 20$ ticket on Tilt, playing it at NL5


Yearly Goals 2013

Get to the 31st of December playing poker.

Raise my bankroll to at least 250$ to start playing NL10.

Earn Silver Star.

Have a side project on Tilt, got the 20$ ticket off Stars to play on Tilt for linking my accounts and got until January next year to clear it, playing .02/.05 only using the ticket itself. The ticket is released earning 500FTP. Since I want to use only the ticket itself, winning won't be used to improve my FTP earning and will be trasnfered to my Stars bankroll at the end of each month.


January 2013

Get to the end of the month.

Play at least 6 hours a week.

Keep up this thread and start the blog.

Close positive over 10 bb/100.

Do regular hands review.

Get familiar with this site's forum.