Hey chaps! Let's get started with the basics.


Name's Lorenzo, originally Italian from Florence, now a full time subject of Her Majesty in the splendid town of Oxford, and I like bikes, beers and cards. You live once, have fun doing it!


A little history about my poker, more for me as a motivational exercise, as I did decently in the past.


I've started playing poker sometime in 2009, got curious about the game and there was this offer on another school to get 50$ deposited through them, so I've got them in some room and in a few months went up my limits to NL5 and a healthy ~170/180$ bankroll, that's when hell broke loose in real life, dropped about 50 or 60$ in a couple of days and decided that until I was more relaxed and focused on the game, was safer to leave the game, useless playing if you're not focused, it only pisses you off and make it worse.


Some time later I started again as the same school offered me a second 50$ start, but it had to be on a different service, so I've used these new 50$ on another room and cleared off my funds, using part of those to purchase a Holdem Manager license.

This second run started just as well as the first one, in a few months I cleared my bonus, moved up to NL5 and raised my bankroll to about 120/130$, that's when I've had other issues, needed every cent and cleared the roll to pay the rent. Good bye poker.


Now, you've got to know that I deposited some 20/25$ on Stars ages ago to play some 2-7, which I love, I also suck at it, so my already tiny roll dropped to just below 5$ and there I left it, to be picked up in my third spell about a couple of years ago, I think was summer 2010. I was missing the game, so I logged on Stars to see what I still had available and there I had this handful of change, and I was back in the game.

I played a single table at NL2 and raised my roll up to about 15$, then I quit when I got back into World of Warcraft, that game is a massive time sink... should've stayed into poker, but no regrets, had plenty of fun.


And here we come to the fourth time I start with poker... long time in the making!

Went up North to visit a friend in York who used to play MTT, we've had a little chat about the game and just made me want to start again, so upon returning to Oxford I've dusted my Stars account and re-started from the 15$ I had left there years ago. So far so good, up by a handful of dollars, but I haven't really played much and, mostly, I haven't really played well.


Since I'm not on my machine and I don't have any hard number to crunch at the moment I'll leave it here, but I'll get back soon for a little more, and if you care, here is the thread with 2013 challenges on the forum, challenges that will be discussed here in another moment.