Grayson Physioc aka the "Spacegravy" addresses the perplexing question of what to do in "the early phase" of single table tournaments (STTs) in first of four videos on the subject of tackling SNGs.

This training video is simple and easy to follow as Grayson takes us through the initial three blind levels of single table SNG. His training techniques are very effective. He, initially, uses descriptive slides to outline his rules of engagement (ie, starting hand requirements) and the betting sizes at each blind level. After which he uses hand histories that were donated by a Pokerstars user (nice touch) to show us how his rules are applied in different situations, namely, what should be done, what was done, what worked, what didn't worked and, most importantly, why. This proved to be a very effective mix theoretical and practical instruction.

Finally, Spacegravy himself takes us to the live tables at micro stakes to show us just how dynamic his style can be when applied aggressively and intelligently. We were not disappointed by the result as he dominated a number tables, amassing good stacks quickly and efficiently.

This video greatly advanced my growing knowledge of SNG play, the importance of position and bet size, and, strangely enough, reading my opponents hands for strength or weakness.

Well done!