First time guys so help me out here. When did the definitions of blog/thread/post become -whine like a bunch of sissies. You guys do realize that alot of us are getting paid actual money to play in a free poker league. Why then would we be nitpicking every little thing we can come up with from getting beat by donkeys to the freakin point system. I assume that no one has a gun to their head and is being forced to play in these league tourneys. If you don't like the free money that Pokerstars and PSO is giving to us than go play somewhere else. Otherwise, simmer down, learn the system, and adapt your game to be able to succeed in the system provided! The "greats" are what they are because of the ablility to adapt to their surroundings. Trust me-this league doesn't need us, but some of our bankrolls need this league. I for one would like to stand up and resoundingly say THANK YOU for the oppurtunity to play in this amazing league and win some free money while I'm at it! See you on the felt !!!