I think PSO would benefit from having a minimum of five games played and a score of 1525 to qualify for the $12,000.

It would bring in some professional level players into the regular PSO games which would be good for promotional purposes.

PSO Staff has worked very hard and done his best to create the best promotion he could come up with. The fact that flaws have been found would be true for any of us if we had attempted to do the same.

We should all remember that this is a new promotion, also it is a promotion that will not be altered during its current run.

PokerStars sponsors PSO and for me has been nothing other than a gift. Although I can be highly critical at times, I try to remember how much I appreciative PSO and remember that looking for flaws, and bitching about the free gift PSO has offered is not going to be helpful, beneficial, or in any way going to help PSO Staff improve future PSO promotions.

People that think PokerStars or PSO owes them anything is delusional as to their importance to the big picture. ( where's Elmo ? ) PokerStars is a business and these promotions are to not only out to help people but are mainly intended to make PokerStars money. The best way for this to happen would be to let both PokerStars and us players to both be able benefit.

How much money does PokerStars make from the play money side, I would think none other than giving people a step in the door, which will probably turn into a second step into the freeroll world, then maybe three steps into actually playing for money.

I have never deposited a dime into PokerStars, I have $130 to play poker with in my account thanks to PSO.

Without PSO I would still be playing the Copernicus', Eddington's, Hubble's, Galileo's, Halley's, Tombaugh's, Kepler's, Newton's, Ptolemy's, Sagan's, Brahe's, Cassini's and Le Verrier's freerolls............

I won a ticket in the PSO Warm Up and even though I do not play poker with the odds of one ticket for every $215 in the prize pool when the buy in is $3.40, I am going to honor PSO Staffs hard work and play this weekend rather than cash it in for T-Cash. If we do not support PSO Staff with what PSO has offered in this promotion then PSO's board of directors may decide to not offer this promotion to us any longer. I do not see how any of us PSO players would benefit if it came to that.