I like the PSO Warm Up promotion because It gives the Texas Bingo players a reason to try to learn how to play Texas Holdem. In that it requires one to have 1525 points at the end of the month be to eligible to play in the PSO Warm Up freeroll.

Sure it would be nice if the big prize was only available for people who won a PSO Warm Up ticket, but seriously how is PokerStars supposed to make any money or pay for this promotion if they do that.

The quality of play in PSO regular freerolls for the monthly leader board has improved because of this promotion. Not only because Texas Bingo players now have a reason to learn how to play Texas Holdem with an attainable goal of 1525 points, but also because it has attracted new players who are also trying to get 1525 points to be eligible for the PSO Warm Up.

The only thing I would like to see changed is points awarded or deducted in the PSO Warm Up for Monthly leader board ranking purposes. Even some top ranked players myself included have dramatically reduced their quality of play in this promotion because the only bad thing that can happen is you dont get a ticket. I either chip up early with very loose aggressive play or go I out early saving me time to take a nap or play a cash game. For example I still need one more ticket for the PCA weekend final this weekend, which is the last weekend of the promotion, it is filling up fast. I do not like to play too many games a day, I start to get burnt out and do not play as well as I do when I am rested.

Geeze there is no comparison between the PCA freeroll and PSO's freerolls. You have to pay 50c in PCA if you want play comparable to PSO.

If it wasn't for PSO I would still be battling out the Hubble's and Galileo's freerolls for Weekly Round 2 tickets. That and the NAPL sit and go, and PCA freerolls and what ever other promotion PokerStars was having at the time.

Thank God For PSO, now I can play cash games, I have $130 in my account, Top Shark has me rated a King with 5 stars. I dont even know why I play PSO anymore except I have made some very good friends here and being a part of the PSO community is something that just playing cash games doesn't offer.

I will end this post with this quote, who for the life of me I cannot remember who said it.

" A few people will like you for who you are, many people will like you for what you have to offer, and some people will just not like you "

That and this is good too.

" A few people will like you most of the time, some people will like you part of the time, but all of the people will not like you all the time "

I think Abraham Lincoln said that.

" I will let you be in my dream if you let me be in yours "

Bob Dylan said that