I did not plan on cashing in Novembers PSO's monthly leader board and was just playing for deep run practice, but when I won a game and was propelled to 444th place,  I thought since I have benefited so much from PSO,  that I would play the rest of the month so as to give back to PSO and help white star players become active. Since I was not counting on the money it did not affect may Bankroll in the slightest.

I became active with 38c so I thought my $30 monthly winnings split 15 ways could give 15 people a fighting chance for active status, then I received additional donations from people to be able to increase the individual prize to $3.05 and 19 people.

I had been planning on making a tournament or give entries into a tournament, but then in the end I decided  I didn't want to go through the trouble of asking people to help me and that it wouldn't give everyone an equal chance for my origional purpose -  trying to make white stars active.

  Then the  out pouring out of even more generous donations than mine began.   People with very small bankrolls were giving a large percentage of thier Bankroll.  People with relitively large Bankrolls compared to mine were donating larger sums than I had. 

That  is when I decided  if people needed a front man for their charitable giving then I could do that.    Since I do not mind telling people  " I do not give money to people to play poker if they ask for it,  and to go play a freeroll and win a ticket like I did."

  I learned how to be a hard ass in the Marines,  I may as well use that if there is a time and place for it.

A White Star New Years Tournament is in the works and has allready been funded by one of PSO's most respected players.

  Which now makes two of PSO's most respected players to have enlisted my help in making white star dreams come true.  You do not know who they are but they play regulary and are donating thier entire monthly winnings or more to help people become active. 

I am honored to be in thier service.

  As well as I am gratefull for PokerStars and PSO for making my Poker ' career ' the best it has ever been, and I cannot even begin to count all of the friends I have made since June.