This month of October created a stir with Team online week and Red Spade open events. And the coming month of November is already in news with a whole bunch of promotions and events. What a streak of events and back-to-back promotions from pokerstars!

    PokerStars is really an incomparable stop for poker players with such a wide spectrum of events and promotions every month. This November brings Micro Millions, Mission Week, PCA freerolls and satellites, exclusive regional promotions like Diwali festival freerolls for players in India, and others for people in Japan and Latin America as well.

    PokerStars really offers some great opportunity for a beginner to learn and start playing poker in n number of different freerolls all the time. So, you can easily build a decent bankroll if you are serious and looking forward to playing some good poker. Good luck!