Blog I have been playing live poker now for a few years and earlier in the year decided to start playing online. With so much to learn I watched many training videos and have read a lot. So I loaded some cash and played a few cash games won a bit then lost it this happened for a couple of months. Last month I hardly loaded any money and started playing freerolls and a few tournaments with a few deep results. I have also been playing the pokerstars open skill league on and off making a finish in the top 2,000 good result I believe. So why have I started to write a blog. Well upto now I have changed what I'm playing from to sit n gos to cash to tournaments. Not getting the massive experience in any one area so with the blog I hope it will keep me on the straight and narrow.  So with the start of May I have two aims.  1) to play as many pokerstars Open Skill league games as possible, in May I want to make it in to the top 500, ideally I would prefer to win it and the $1500. but I got to be realistic. See my results as I post them on here. 2) to build a bankroll, so I have  added £10 to my account, giving me $16, I'm going to try and stick to zoom games 1c/2c, giving me plenty of room for learning. Each table I'm going to sit down with $2 when I double up I leave and open an other, when I lose I reload $2. When and if I reach 20 Buy Ins for the next level I will move up. So currently need $100 I'm total for 2c/5c.   Having played last night and an hour this morning soon had that total moving up Currently standing on $24.13  So watch my up and downs as we learn to play poker online