So it's been 10 days since I started my challenge. Im basicly right back where I started. I'm having a rough time due to power outages, TILT, pokerstars software issues, and playing longer then I can actually handle.



I decided to change up my plan and play fixed limit holdem at .02/.04c 6max tables as my main game. 

Theres many reasons for this. But the main reason is I can just quit anytime I feel like I'm playing terrible or tilting or just straight up tired. 

Its really frustrating being registered for 4-8mtts and losing my cool and I just dont know what to do taking bad beat after bad beat.. When this happens I just freak out and dont play properly. I do things that I think I should be doing even tho I shouldnt and vice versa. 

I had issues like this in the past alot of people say stop playing just get up walk away and play another day. But what can you do when your registered for tournaments and are in the middle of them? Its not like you can unregister or cash out... Some people say to just play through its just variance right? You put in enough volume it will balance out. Yea but if your playing like garbage this isnt true your just going to lose more money.

Obviously I have problems dealing with tilt at the tables and Im trying to work on it but for now I think its best if I dont play long sessions of sng/mtts. Atleast now Im able to recognize when Im losing money due to playing bad. I mean some of the times the bad beats and stuff have little impact on my gameplay and others its just a disaster.

Also I have been falling asleep while playing tournaments lol thank you pokerstars for running everything good/affordable early early morning when normal people in my country are sleeping.

Another problem Ive been facing is power outages... During this time of year its rainy season so power outages are common due to the lightning and stuff... If im playing a session of mtts or sngs and the power goes out Im screwed unless I get to a place with a generator. If my power goes out while Im playing fixed limit the worst that could happen is I lose a few big bets.

I dont know about you guys but lately my poker stars client has been acting crazy. I made a post in the PSO support section and will be emailing stars about this too.

Well enough about that back to what Ive been doing with my challenge...

I was off to a really good start I think at first the first three days going up and down inbetween $13-18.

Basicly what I was doing was just registering for sattelites .33c and less at first and mixing in .25c45player sngs with a little fixed limit holdem and any freeroll I could play. Not all at one time tho.

Well things started going bad when I got impatient... I basicly registered directly for all the .55c mtts and anything below so obviously my bankroll went down very fast because I was way underrolled to do this. 

I really tried not to do that unless I was well over $10 because I knew that I could just grind it back up doing .25c 45players.

Man was I wrong I played to many .25c tables at one time and had a terrible run for a few sessions of doing this before I knew it I was down to $5!

I think this is why I should have been more nitty with my bankroll even tho it is horribly boring 4 tabling .25c games. The variance is real!

So there I was nearly broke down to about $3 trying my hardest to get it back up in fixed limit. I had some really bad sessions in fixed limit and some really good ones. I managed to cash in a couple of the challenge freerolls and was back up to around $5. At this point I just played mostly fixed limit and was just barely breaking even every session.

I tried to use my fpps to get seats into mtts and this helped a bit when I was back down to $3 I was able to min cash in the Big $1.10 today and I finally got first place in a pokerschool series freeroll for $5! 

So right now my bankroll is back to $10 and I feel like I can start off fresh and play bit tighter with my bankroll.

I think just straight up grinding .02/.04c 6max tables will be best for me. If I really want to play mtts I can go where I have a generator and just use my fpps earned to sattelite or just buy tickets into tournaments!

I really love playing tournaments but until I can control my emotions at the table I think this is the best approach for me.

Feel free to give me any advice you have I will really apreciate it!

Thanks for reading this guys!