So its been a couple days since I've started my challenge and decided 2 write a little bit about how things are going.





I've been playing so much that I'm not getting too much sleep. I think im going to start setting specific time frame goals but for now not really.


My first day of the challenge. I started off with .25c 45player sngs and a couple .10c 360player sngs. I was playing terrible at first because I started off running pretty bad and I got tilted.

I mixed in some of those .10c and .15c 16player 4max shootout hypers to try to get into the .55c and $1.10 tournaments. 

I also registered for almost every single mtt I could find under .50c but the problem was I could only find sattelites and .27c hyper turbos. I dont know why Poker Stars took away the .11c mtts and changed the format of the .27c mtt to hyper turbo this kind of pissed me off but it is what it is.

I played through the night until the next day. At my low point I was down to $6 and was still in some mtts I got into through sattelites.

Later during the morning my power went off and I was freaking out so I rushed down to my family's business with my laptop and started playing there.  I was falling asleep and could barely play but I still managed to make a semideep run in the Big $4.40 even tho I was falling asleep and missing hands. I cashed in the big .55c and the bounty builder 1.10 as well. 

Before I fell asleep I had a bankroll of about $16. So I played 1 hour of 6max fixed limit holdem saw I had about $18 and went to bed in one of the vacant rooms.


I woke up up 2 hours later and started at it again except this time I registerd for a few .55c mtts since I knew even if I lost I still had enough money left in my bankroll to fall back on. I told myself tho if I ever go back down to $10 it was time to stop playing anything above .25c.

So during this session I was making it in the money with stacks enough to get to the final table for example the .27c hyper and hot .55c but I kept getting knocked out by hands where I'm way ahead.

One of my soul crushing moments is when I bubbled 3 away from getting a seat in a .33c rebuy sattelite to the $33 Mini Saturday Knockout I was down to $8 at that point so you can imagine the feeling.. Atleast I got $3.30 tho. 

Another thing that happened was I won a seat into Big $5.50 and I was crushing it! It felt so good having a huge stack in this tournament but the problem was I was so burned out only having 2hours of sleep I could barely play it after a certain point. I think I fell asleep while while already in the money. I had a stack of about 80,000 chips. I woke up and every table I was at closed. I was like WTF HAPPENED! I felt so bad about this but I guess its my own fault for over exhausting myself.

I checked my bankroll and saw I had $27 I took a break until the next day.


Yesterday.... This was probably my worst day of all. For some reason playing on sundays is just messed up for me. 

First thing that happened was I was playing some fixed limit on my mobile phone running terrible so I decided to look for some mtts...

I saw the $4.40 knockout. Ok... I thought to myslef I am going to get a seat into this... So I click on the sattelite thing to have a look, I highlight the sattelite and clicked register to this tournament. So I quickly move to back to the lobby on my phone after it loaded the table and see the big $4.40 I do the same thing and go back to the tables. 

Then I realize that im registered for the Big $4.40 and the $4.40 knockout.. Im like HOLY SH** WTF I just wanted to play the sattelite! And of course I bust out of those tournaments almost immediatly after registering for them... This was a huge blow to my bankroll I was extremely frustrated.

At this point im so tilted I go on my laptop and register for all kinds of stuff and Im not even in the mood for playing just pure tilt... after losing so much just I stopped registering for stuff and took a nap.


Later that night I start playing again and of course I'm running horrible Im not even playing that bad but not playing that good either making mistakes and just getting screwed by the poker gods left and right.

It's morning now and my bankroll is about $11 it was lower but I had a really good fixed limit session. I decided to take a break and update my blog so thats what I'm doing now. 

I want to post pictures of my graphs for mtts/sngs and cash games but its not entirely accurate since I played some fixed limit holdem and those 2 tournaments on my phone.

I think I will post graphs and results stuff in my next post because I'm thinking of getting sharkscope membership and I can filter out all my tournaments and sngs.


Well thats how things are going for me I wll post updates again soon. Thanks for reading this I hope you found my blog interesting.