It's been a while since I've played poker like I used to so I decided to get back into it since Im not that busy at the moment.


In the past 2 years I haven't really been playing much just making deposits here and there to mess around and have fun.

I recently watched Acoimbra's $10-$1000 challenge and it really motivated me to try something similar.

If you are interested in watching videos here is the link it's really interesting how he breaks down hands and analyzes his gameplay during the sessions. Very usefull information for micro MTT/SNG and MTT players.

After watching a majority of these videos I really thought to myself why not try this out. I mean whats the worst that can happen right? I lose $10 no big deal.


I think I do better then a majority of players when it comes to the .25c 45mans but once I go higher I'm just not to sure where I stand for expample the turbo .50c 360player 180player 90player and 45player sngs I dont have so much experience in these. Once I get to this stage its probably where I will have to start working on my game. 


Basicly for now my short term goal is to be winning at the games when I have a $50-$100 bankroll or even if Im not winning mostly I just want to be playing good profitable poker.


When I start the challenge I want to play .25c 45players sngs or .10c 360players sngs mixed together. But if tables are loading fast enough mostly .25c 45players sngs.


I decided to throw in .02/.04 6max Fixed Limit Holdem since I believe I am a profitable player at this game at this stake and mostly I am not to sure how long tables take to load during the times I will be playing.

Another reason Im throwing in fixed limit is for those days that I will just not have time to do mttsng sessions. 

I dont think I will ever be playing Fixed Limit stakes higher then .05/.10 tho no matter what my bankroll is. 


Im not promising anything spectacular in my blogs just some reports of my progress here and there.  I have no idea how long this will take and I have no idea whether I will be successful or not. I might change games I play or whatever as long as my bankroll can handle it.


I just loaded $10 and I will start a new database in my HEM2 to keep track of my progress.


Well thats all I got for now wish me luck. and I hope you all enjoyed reading this. More to come soon.