Hello every one. I recently read about this promotion called WBCOOP and it looked cool so I decided to give this a shot and submit an application.

What would I do if  I won the five thousand dollar prize for this contest?

Well last year was pretty bad for me my flat screen t.v., laptop, dvd player, and some other things got stolen from my house. So I right now my t.v. is like 12" so I would definately get something bigger for the family. Maybe something around 26" plus.

After I did that I would put some money in savings. Not for me but for my little baby girl. Maybe like $1000? I put a question mark because I'm not sure if this is a good amount or not. I might give her more tho well see.

My bank account is really low so actually I would put like $500 in it for savings just in case I need it for some kind of emergency or something.

This year on valentines day I did not get my girlfriend anything... I guess thats pretty lame but I'm broke so.... Yea I would get her something nice to make up for it.

I mean we did spend time together on the beach for valentines day but its like a normal thing for us here. So I'm thinking about maybe getting her some gold jewelry or something that last long like that.

I am not sure but maybe after like I bought all that stuff I would have like $2000 left?

So with the $2000 left I would use it for online poker. I would definately want to have atleast that much left for my poker. I really get tired of playing quarter games and dollar games.I mean its like if I play quarter game or dollar game I just dont get the same feeling.

Those are ok but I would rather be bank rolled for $10 games atleast because its what I started playing at before I played online. And its alot more exciting. Especially if you are winning.

Another thing I would do with the money I won and had left for poker is I would try to get a seat into APPT Cebu because I've always wanted to play a big live event. 

I would probably spend like $500 in sattelites just for this. I might even try to do the steps thing which would probably make more sense for a $2000 bankroll.

I think if you make it to the final step you dont just have a shot at one package but I think that two packages are given to the APPT Cebu I would have to double check if I'm right but I think thats pretty cool.

That event would be the perfect tournament for me because it is so close to home I mean its only a couple hours away from me.

I won a package two years ago to the PCA but I could not even afford to cover travel expenses.

Thats why I think with the money I won from this contest I would try get a package into the APPT Cebu this year. It is just so much easier to get there. And flights are very affordable.

Just by entering this contest I have a shot at winning a package into a live event because the WBCOOP has a tournament leaderboard that pays the top player like $7k or something that can be used in tournament entries and I think if you won the WBCOOP leaderboard you could use your winnings for a live event sponsored by Poker Stars.

I'm not one hundred percent sure if I read correctly but I think thats what you can do if you made the top of the leaderboard. So I'm definately going to give my all when I play these WBCOOP tournaments.

Oh yea I forgot before I even started playing online poker with the money left over from my $5000 prize I would get a HUD. I'm thinking of getting Poker Tracker 3 because I found this tool very useful while playing online.

I never thought to buy something like an HUD in the past because I did not think it was worth fifty bucks and most of the time I didn't  have it the fifty bucks I mean. But I know now that it is very helpful especially when playing multiple tables of online poker.

Also I am going to play the Sunday Million one time atleast because I have never played in it ever. It would be amazing to win one of those. I think I could do it tho.

I would set up a schedule of tournaments to play in everyday. And take some shots on the weekend if I do well in the week.

I would definitely go out one night and party. Just one night tho… Just to celebrate my win.  

My word count thing might be wrong but I think that’s about it. I don’t want to keep blabbing away about myself it is not really my style.

Anyways good luck to every one who has entered this competition and any who is reading this thank you very much for you time.

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