I messed up again guys. Had a nice bankroll last week after taking 3rd in the WR2. For those of you who don't know Poker Stars has freeolls runnign every day to get into a 2k Prizepool freeroll every week. And I managed to place in third.

It was a 7k field around that area and lasted around 6-7 hours. Getting the ticket took alot of hours also.
Any ways after the tournament I tried to play 15$ heads up hyper turbos and limit heads up for a quick buck. Unforunately it didn't work out that way.

I ended up going broke and crying to my friends. Luckily one of them let me borrow 12.50.

I took that tried to do some some small stake tournies. But ended up playing cash games. That did not go well at all.

So here I am broke again in debt $9.50... But I have a plan.

My plan is simple... Play within my bankroll limits and work my way up.

Well from what I've learned you should have 100 buy-ins for whatever game you are playing. So I decided to play .10c tournaments. And maybe a little bit of full ring limit... Maybe...

Well here I go wish me luck. Thanks for reading this. I will post more for one is interested in how I'm doing.

Also you can read here  http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?37531-.10c-sng-Cowboy-s-Challenge(second-attempt-Nov.)&p=312159&posted=1#post312159     
as I attempt the Cowboys challenge at the .10c level for the second time

Im also applying for memeber of the week so if you want a little bit of info about me check this out.
Any thoughts Ideas let me know. Im open to any advice Thanks Guys

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!