Hello Poker School Members , i just want to share my biggest payout since playing real money last December . I won 41.57 usd after i entered a 0.27 NL Holdem tournament and i finished at 4th place . I am so happy  that i got this far . 




The amazing thing is i have 0 bankroll before i deposit 10 usd early in the day . from 10usd to 63 now . what a boost . hehehe



PokerStars Tournament #1476103994, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: $0.25/$0.02 USD
3326 players
Total Prize Pool: $831.50 USD
Tournament started 2016/02/18 9:42:00 ET

  1: gladiator757 (Russia), still playing
  2: govgera777 (Russia), still playing
  3: savio madson (Brazil), still playing
  4: PokerProMove (Philippines), $41.57 (4.999%)


This is my second big payout this month . 

i also cashed 

The Big Bang ME - 21st place - 18 usd 




Hope we can meet and play in a table .. Have a good night/day  from Philippines ..