Last night I played in my first Sit and Go Tournement. It was a PokerStars Limit Hold'em with a 300+20 buy in. Alright so it was for Play Money but very enjoyable none the less.
I took the chip lead early on and kept the chip lead nearly all the way through the game, despite a pre flop fold of a Q7 early on which flopped 2Q and which would have given me 3Q then on the turn another Q which would have given me 4 of a kind Q. - Typical.
I started out playing tight and as the game entered it middle stage and severla player lost out I started to loosen up and played more hands thinking that you gotta be in it to win it. Later on this proved to be a bad ploy as I got over taken as the chip leader and from then on it my pot slow but surely dwindled away to the better player.
Still came in second which I felt for my first tourney was a good start, but what is just as important I learnt alot
Overall I felt like a played a good early game and a reasonable mid but the end game was poor.