My first blog ever :wink:

I would like to waffle on a little bit about emotional control and reads which i believe are linked together at the hip. Now the past few months have been an emotional rollacoaster for me, i was just starting to get my  head around losing my mum to the C word and then BooM it takes my dad. It still feels raw to me.
So how am i playing? Proper crap, a fish has more class than me. I'm on a break from poker for a month while i figure out what the hells going on with my brain my reads are completely  in reverse. I need to figure out how to remove emotion from my game, playing on zoom didn't help me one bit,  the swings in this new format can be massive so my advise for anyone suffering from emotion control at the tables would be to avoid zoom until your head is in the game. Now how important do i think emotions and reads are linked,
well i think here is a fine example, while watching my partner Michelle playing,  i sat by her side on the sofa.
Now as she played away i was giving her advise based on my reads" i've been learning her the basics of poker"  and time and time again she won, and i said to her and i quote "WOW U RUN GOOD"
Now at the time i was convinced she ran good,  i ran bad and then i started to think about it and the more and more i thought about it i realised something, hey my reads were bang on. So what was different?
The answer was simple and right infront of my face, i was not playing i was a spectator a third person so therefore emotions were not a problem. So now my quest is to find a way of removing human nature out of poker, give me a decade or so and i just might find the answer.