Justifying the goal of maintaining positive bankroll it is mandatory to judge poker by any amount of games played.

If you disagree, you have to, because you depend on poker basic rules(play good hands, defend blind steals, be risky sometimes)

Hence some rant which i finally decided to write down because i find it quite repetitive.

Pocket aces gets always destroyed by anything lower than lower cards. Its like 8/10 pocket aces fail to win. Same with any other high pair. I can try writting it down but no one will give me money for the evidences..

Just in recent 1 sng fifty 10player game i saw:

AA losing to other lower pairs twice.

Pocket kings owned by set of 10.. Pocket QQ gets destroyed by JJJ.

What can i say? People love all-ins.

One hand was also crazy, set vs two pairs losing to a straight. (multiway pot)

All of this in 1table game. There is nothing poker courses can teach you. You can fold pocket pairs when people all-in - means you will never play post flop for another 30turns.

Because 10-15games you get trash, after that you get strong hand(not even a pair) and someone conveniently all-ins preflop. You fold, wait even more turns getting 63o, 57o, j2o, 89o, etc.. so you wait and wait and by the time you get medium hand you see you cant play it because the big blings got really big and it is very strong chance some has Ajs..

And you cannot try blind stealing, you mostly lose. Also defending the blinds is too risky with trash hands.Tried defending with Ace rags and got wasted.