As a new player i always looked at poker as a gambling game where there are some stupid people wasting money and soul piercing proffesionals who can read your mind or are incredibly lucky.

By finding this awesome site, i started reading these courses and was in awe, at how complicated this game is. I do feel this is a tough game just like chess, except its more strategic with losing or winning.

Crunching some courses and going brave in the new world i immediately found myself in a small negative bankroll. And i did wanted to go right to the top in small steps then it comes to earning some money.

Zero step - playing with playmoney for couple of days. Real experience on how game works.

First try - going small and trying my luck in real money poker, where people fool less me included.

So far i noticed only a few mistakes made me lose like 30bucks which is not a big deal ordinarily, but it is a big deal psichologically where i want to build and maintaing a decent bankroll.

Lesson - bankroll management seems a joke when it comes to all-in management.

It is very costly and directly connected to winnings. I have to find a way to play this game.

Pokermancer / few weeks of playing.