Another nice tourney run for me today.  Had over 5k runners and I finished in 267th.  Was card dead almost the entire tourney but practiced patience until I had opportunities.  It didn't look like I was going to make ITM which was 765 but my hands held up when I was all in and it alllowed me to go deeper.  I really didn't catch any cards at all today and it was all about situational survival.  When you aren't catching cards you have to play everyone else's in order to advance and that is what I did today.  I think I played like 300 hands and only had AK 4 times (2 wins - 1 loss - 1 split).  I never had Aces or Kings not once the entire tourney but I did have Queens that held up and then Jacks which doubled me up after I turned a set.  That was particularly nasty for the guy that flopped a set of 3's.  Other than that, it was me playing my opponents cards for the most part.  That made it a difficult tourney to play, but one that was a great confidence builder if nothing else.  Take care guys and I will see you on the felt in February.