As alot of you knew I have been out of pocket this month while the WSOP was in Oklahoma (an hour from the house).  I didn't realize just how out of pocket I had been until I looked at the amount of tourneys I played this month in the PSO.  I have played ONE, that is right, one PSO tourney this month.  That was a shock all by itself. 

The first event I played in was event #2 and it was a blast.  It started with 935 players (a number that exceeded everyones wildest expectations) and kicked off at noon.  Day One was finally over at 2:36am and boy did I feel it.  At the end of Day One there were a total of 63 people left in the tourney when we bagged our chips for the next day.  I was feeling pretty good if I do say so myself.  I was slightly below average at the time but not so far that I was going to have to get desperate any time soon when I came back.  The second day started at 2pm so that was nice.  My problem unfortunately was that I didn't get but about 4 hours of sleep so I wasn't as rested as I probably should of been.  We got the cards in the air at 2pm and I was on the stage at the featured table.  What a kick that was.  If I could just play good solid poker all day and make great decisions I would never have to move and would be just fine with that.  I love when players have to come to you as opposed to you going to them.  Unfortunately, I lasted all of about 5 hours when my brain just shut down and I got into a bllind vs blind skirmish for all my chips and stacked them off with a meager KJ like a donkey.  I will say that I was getting short at the time and needed a couple of double ups to guarantee a much deeper run that I already had done.  I really feel like if I had kept it together and my brain hadn't shut down I could of made it further than I did.  I ended up going out in 25th place for a cash of 1589.00.  That lessened the pain somewhat, lol.

I played in a few more tourneys and some of the cash games for the next couple of weeks without much success.  Honestly, looking back on it, there were fewer donkeys in Event #2 than there were in all of the other tourneys.  I really thought that as the stakes went up the amount of donkeys would of gone down in the process.  Guess not.

The Main Event kicked off on Saturday with a nice field of 803 players.  Wow, the prize pool was going to be over $1,000,000.  That just isn't normal, lol.  First place is going to recieve close to 225,000 with the top 3 places all getting 6 figure payouts.  The response to this tourney was amazing and had to be seen to be believed.  I didn't make it out of day one but I found myself in pretty good company in hind sight.  Tom McElvoy didn't make it either nor did Ian Kessler and about 10 other pros that I recognized.  Matter of fact, from what I can tell, only TJ Cloutier made it past day one from all the pros that I knew of up there.  TJ busted out yesterday but did manage to cash in the process.  My bust out was unreal.  I don't know if I could lay it down even knowing how it played out.  I flopped top set and the preflop action had raises built in, lol.  The individual who knocked me out must have had one of those feelings because he called a raise preflop from one of the tightest (if not the tightest) players at the table.  I called the raise as well with JJ in the hole.  The flop came down J 10 8.  I thought it was a nice flop for my hand.  I just couldn't fathom someone calling a raise with a Q and a 9 in their hand, but that is what he did so he took everything I had and it wasn't a small pot.  Had I managed to get that hand to hold up (and I had been running so hot) I really think I would of made it to Day 2 as I would of doubled up my stack to about 50k and been off to the races.  As it happened, I didn't get there. 

I say all of that to still say, I would not trade the experience for anything in the world.  Would I have enjoyed it more if I had managed to cash or even win this event, of course.  As it stands though, the experience was unbelievable.  The electricity in the air that practically crackled as you walked through it was worth the price of admission.  When it gets right down to it I played in the main event for about 400 dollars because of my cash in the first event I played in along with the cash games offsetting what I lost in the other tourneys I played in.  I recommend it to any person who playes this game even somewhat seriously.  This is one of those situations that don't come around very often.  I gave this experience to myself for christmas this year, and will probably do the same again next year when it rolls around again. 

I will try to get back to writing things up more often in my blog again, but right now I have to go get ready for the 20k guarantee here on Stars that starts in 15 minutes.  Take Care all.