Well, it has reared its ugly head and sat down right atop my computer.  I was doing so well to start the month and then the last four tourneys I have had people catch their two outers on the river to pummel me into non existence.  It really is unbelievable to see how this all occurs.  The funny thing is that it doesn't come to you gradually, it just comes right up to you and cold cocks you into obllivion.  It has knocked me right out.  Now, with that being said I am not going to quit, I am just going to have to hope that it is a short term situation and I can use today to recover from the series of beats I have taken.  Unfortunately this is not something you can fix, only something you have to wait out.  This is the part of poker that I despise, but in saying that, you realize that it is just part of the game.  I felt myself sliding over the precipitous ledge last night when my temper got short with my teenaged son and everything else at the house.  That told me real quick that I needed to put it into perspective. Just because I was getting pummelled on here doesn't mean I needed to take it out on my son (his funeral will be next week), but I guess I needed to get out the frustration.  Nah, I am kidding, my son is still firmly entrenched in this world, but I was getting pretty snippy with him so I decided to stick with the "If you can't say something good" mantra and leave it at that.  I am going to have to work extra hard and hope that I can recover a large amount of ground today if I have any shot at reaching the goal of top 98 this month.  I have progressively done better as I have gone along month to month, and am hoping to still be able to do so this month.  I will say this too, I didn't call one person a Donk, Dumbazz, Jerkface, Bonehead, Ignoramus, or anything of the sort.  I just said NH and GL the rest of the way.  Maybe I should have and then I would have felt better while I was stewing about how variance has popped up on a dime and trashed me in this league.  On another note, I have started playing Omaha (Limit) and have found that while the amount of hands I can play are obviously reduced as I am just starting out and getting a feel for the game, they tend to stand up much better than in hold em.  Variance is just not that big of an issue in Omaha as it is in Hold Em.  If you play it properly and don't try to make to many stretch moves, even a beginner can make money at that game.  They can't be a stupid beginner though.  You better read up on hand selection before you play that game and learn what to play and what to throw away or you won't make anything at all.  I haven't gotten to the point where I can recognize that I should raise with my hands but the tables I have been on they haven't raised preflop much either yet.  It is nice to be able to go learn another game while my Hold Em game is going down the tubes.  Once I learn Omaha, I think I will move on to some of the other games as well.  Omaha is a thinking mans game and I kinda like it.  It's nice to find a game that you can play that doesn't rely on variance to heavily.  Anyway, this is an early morning ramble (it's almost 6am now, been up for an hour already) so just follow along the best you can.  I just sat down with my first cup of coffee for the morning and thought I would put this stuff down so that I can get it off my chest.  The temperature is dropping here in the state of Texas and that doesn't sit real well with me either.  I am sure our temps probably feel like a heat wave to those of you who reside further north, but hey, if I wanted to be cold all the dang time I would move up there.  The reason why I bring that up is that I now won't be going outside with my laptop to play and will just confine myself to the couch and play inside and have to wait for breaks to go smoke when I want to.  I hope to quit smoking during the Christmas season so we will see what happens to my game after that, lol.  Anyway, even I can see that this is going all over the map now so I guess I will go see who wrote what in the forum and go onward and, hopefully, upward.  Take care all, and See Ya At The Tables!!