Well, I guess you could say that I relearned another lesson last night.  I absolutely played the worst poker I have played on here and if I may say so, the worst I have played period in quite some time.  Why?, do you ask.  Well, I will tell you why.  (Imagine that, lol)  I sat down to play poker in 3 tourneys at the same time when in fact I shouldn't have even been playing one.  I was unfocused and didn't really care what happened or how I got there.  It brought back to mind that you should never ever get on a table to play poker if you are not 100 percent focused on the game.  I wasn't and paid the price for it.  Thankfully it was just a freeroll, or three, lol.  I lost points in the league, but wasn't hurt to bad by that anyway since I am not getting to where I want to get to and still need to generate the 20vpp's for this month for next months tourney's.  I am up to 11 vpp's so hopefully I can grind out the other 9 this weekend.  Then, when next month starts, I can go for the big prize by being active.  With where I finished last month and now where I will probably finish this month I suspect that if I don't go to crazy I will add some cash to my bankroll.  It is apparent that I can't play enough tourneys to make it to the big prize but you never know.  A couple more adjustments to my game here and there and maybe I can.  We will see.  Its all about cashing at this point and I can see that now.  Now I just have to make sure I stay focused and keep the end goal in sight.  Anyway, enough drivel from me.  I just wanted to remind whoever reads this stuff that focus and the desire to do very well in every tournament you play in is extremely important.  If you don't have both at a 100 percent level, don't get on the table.  Save it for another day.  See Ya At The Tables!!!!