wow, I woke up this morning to find that I indeed did hit positive points last night and was able to move up 10 spaces in the rankings.  I went to work and then came home and just looked at it again and because I didn't play a single tourney yet today I lost the same 10 spaces back.  This is just brutal, lol.  I guess it will just be impossible to win this tourney by only being able to play this type of schedule so now I just have to hope that I can make it to the top 200 by playing this type of schedule.  I am sure there will be opportunities to somewhat stay static once I hit the 1800 plateau as that area seems to be not so "moody."  I was shocked to see Cote not in first place today but was quite interested in who all is in the top 50.  Grats to those of you who are.  I noticed Monkeyskunk has been doing pretty well but now his tail is spinning, or is that he is in a tailspin.  Yeah thats it.  I have only been able to play about half the amount of tourneys Monkeyskunk has played so catching him (unless he self implodes) is probably out of the question as well.  It is a real bummer to set a goal only to find that it is a little unrealistic to expect it to happen.  I guess if I could guarantee no negative point totals in a month that I could make it to where I want to make it to, but how realistic is that.  We all get caught with our pants down, but that is another story entirely, lol.  Anyway, back to my original thought about the top 50.  I played with alot of these guys that I didn't even know they were in the top 50 but I noticed things about their play that made me respect them at the table anyway.  That just goes to show you that you can pretty much spot the goofballs without running out to check the leaderboard if you just pay attention and know what to look for.  Speaking of knowing what to look for, if any of you haven't read JDeans blog posts on the Suited Aces Study group, I suggest you do so.  It makes for good reading and can help remind of you certain little things (more commonly referred to as the basics) that you may have forgotten or just stopped doing all together because you tried to reinvent the wheel.  Again, sometimes when we start to run bad we start playing poker in a non premium way.  We don't bring our "A" game to the table because we are trying to do something differently in hopes that we don't get donked out or whatever.  The problem with that is we are guaranteeing ourselves that we will continue to run bad.  Sure, we can get lucky from time to time and think, aha that was the problem, when in fact, it was never the problem to begin with.  So, going back and reading some of JDeans posts may help you get back on track.  JDean, keep it up.  You get pretty indepth sometimes and it makes it hard to figure out what the heck you are talking about sometimes, but it is worth it.  LOL.  If you have to think about it, then it worked.  This is a thinking mans game and it is constantly changing and we have to change with it.  You young whippersnappers won't understand it because this is all you know is what the game is today, but trust me, it has changed drastically in the last 10 years and more so in the last 2 than the previous 8.  Well, hope you enjoyed reading this as I actually enjoyed typing it.  Still under massive deadlines at work but hopefully that will be over in a couple of weeks and I can get back to normal.  As always, See Ya At The Tables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!