OK, I have something to say now.  I just finished playing the one and only tourney I got to play today and will only be able to play one a day for the most part during the week anyway because of work.  I grinded out what I hope will be some positive points, I just went card dead and made a couple of bad timing moves.  I wish that PSO could update your stats as soon as you finished the tourney so you didn't have to wait so long to figure out if you made positive points or not.  I heard yesterday from some guy at one of the tables I was on that the scoring was done by real people and they didn't have a script for it.  I am not sure I believe that as the amount of human effort that would entail would be out of this world expensive.  With that said, it sure would be nice if they could update the scores quickly after you go out or at least when the tourney itself is over.  Now I have to wait until tomorrow morning to figure out how much ground I lost.  I lose enough ground by only being able to play one a day except on the weekends anyway.  Then when you add in the "crap I had aces and called the all in and got busted out by a guy with 82o," it is really hard to make any headway.  I am trying to see if I can finish in the top 200 doing it this way and I am beginning to wonder if it will happen.  I lost 10 places today from just not being able to play.  If I didn't make it to the positive points position in the tourney this evening then I will lose even more.  This is a rant obviously as it just keeps going and going and going (kinda like the energizer bunny) but I feel better.  Now that I think about it, I don't know what updating the scores quicker would really do for me, but at least I would know if I made the positive side of the ledger.  Does anyone know how to determine where you have to be in order to make the positive side of the points??  Top 20 percent, 25 percent, what?  I finished about 40 places out of the money tonight and would just like to know.  Anywho, See Ya At The Tables. 

PS, I just hope I can beat MonkeySkunk this month.  lol