Okay so i was not planning on making tis a daily thing but after yesterday seemed appropriate.


Where do i start... other than



First was not going so bad, bankrolled my account with a small deposit around $35


played a few ring games built the roll up to about $75


Then the shark began bighting, as i quickly learned what a lot of people say about online poker


I pay around $15 to enter a comp, and play the rest at ring games


My balance in the ring games vanishes in 1 hand by an idiot!


Im dealt aces in utg so i raise it up to 4bb, thhe guy beside me snap calls, along with a late position call!

Board comes A 7 3 rainbow awesome ive hit a set!

I check as im first to act to see what i can get out of these guys.

Guy beside me raises to around 1/2 pot and the other folds.

So im sat, thinking do i come over the top and shove as there is no hand beating me, or do i flat call with the scope of check raising the next card, surely tis guy hasnt got a straight draw after snap calling by pre flop raise!

So yeah, i go over the top and shove my stack.

The guy snap calls me and turns over 6.4 off

Turn is a blank, and BAM the river kills me connecting his staight with the 5 of diamond


So im sat thinking to myself, among the head of steam and red face of anger what the hell is this online all about? So i figured back to basics and back to the pokerstars TV channel to see where i can improve my game.



As for the tournament a similar thing happened, only this time, my stack was in with pocket kings against pocket jacks, Turn card is the trip jack that kills me.


This one pissed me off too, but guess that one i just put down to bad luck!


Back to basics, refund my account and see how we go today


See you at the tables