Okay so when i turned 18 i learned what poker was, how to play the basics etc etc, played on and off with friends for a while but was never ever serious.


About 3 weeks ago a friend convinced me to attend the casino and play a live tournament (he needed a lift really) so i thought why not lets give this a go.


Before i new it my stack was building, i was winning hands and sat with a very deep stack.

About 5 hours later i find myself sat at the final table 2nd biggest chip stack. Granted only 47 started but hey! my first live tournament il take that

not bad for a newbie!

people fell and where sat with 5 left having not played another hand and still 2nd deepest.

Chip leader then offers a "chop" after having this explained to me (red in the face at not knowing the lingo)

Turns out im getting a return of £140 for a £10 buy in! happy days see you ladies later!


That was it, I loved playing these tournaments. and thought monday was cheap, why not make it regular

The following monday finished 11 for no cash out, and last night made the final table again!

This time short stacked!


Another short stack falls before me, and im dealt pocket 6's i get my tiny 6BB stack in and bam, pocket aces kill me!


But all in all 2 final tables and a final table bubble first 3 comps played not a bad record!


Everyone at the tables where talking about poker stars, so figured lets see what this whole hoo har is about!


time to learn the world of online poker as opposed to live!


See you at the tables