Welcome, everyone, to my little corner of PSO.  I guess the best way to kick this off is to tell you a little bit about myself and my vision for this blog. 

Card games were always a big thing in my family.  Growing up, I spent countless hours playing everything from Go Fish to UNO to rummy to hearts with my Mom, Dad, and extended family.  There was even the occasional high stakes game of five card draw (played for red, green, or yellow M&M's ).  Then a few years ago, I happened to catch some poker on TV, and I was immediately fascinated by NLH.  I started playing with some friends in a regular home game and even got up the courage to head out to play in a few casinos. 

Although I have done fairly well so far, I also realize that I have a ton left to learn... And that's where this blog comes in. I hope to (1) use it as a tool to improve my game by discussing theoretical concepts, and taking apart some interesting hands and (2) provide a little entertainment for you, dear reader by posting some amusing hands, anecdotes, and stories from around the felt.

Cheers and good luck at the tables