Wow. Is it December already?!! What a year. I started my challenge in Januari and it felt like yesterday. I started this challenge because I felt that I needed something that would kind of 'force me' (this were my exact words when I started the challenge) to be active in a poker community to give my pokerknowledge a boost. Normally I find it hard to be active in such community due to various of reasons, but this challenge would be just the thing that I needed. So when I find out about the challenge I just decided to join.

My main game was and still is Zoom. I probably will end this year with having played about 250k hands of Zoom at various limits which is a nice volume for a recreational player with a full time job, a wife and two kids, I think.


I had some personal issues this year. I was sick for quite some time, hurt my back really bad (and previous month again) and because of this all and the birth of my son I was tired a lot. This all reflected in my poker and I started to tilt quite easy which has cost me more than it should have and I had to start over at 2NL twice. Because of all these personal issues I've also had some difficulties with keeping my blog/thread up to date some times. It has costed me some effort however I think I managed to get back on track and I'm now playing 10NL Zoom again.


Well actually the most important thing that happend this year has nothing to do with poker. As some of you may know my 2nd son was born in April. This really made me a richer man but a richness I can't use to boost my BR !

But when looking at poker. As of November I'm back at 10NL Zoom and it is going great! I feel I've learned a lot and my BR is growing by the day. I'm not going to make my set goal of $1000,- by the end of the year. Even then this will be my most profitable year sine I started to play poker! Whoohoo!! I will probably end this year with a really healthy 10NL BR which will allow me to keep grinding 10NL and set me some great goals for 2014.

Key-point I have learnt

Well actually it's not just one key point. But if I really have to choose it has to be my postflop play. My postflop play was really garbage. But actually that also came due to some other things I had to learn (which is still work in progress) like ranging villains, (not) playing OOP, and folding (yep this was and sometimes still is a big leak of mine. Especially when being 3bet). So luckily I played Zoom and I came in a lot of postflop situations. So this was a great format for me to get better at postflop play.


It has been a great poker year and I really enjoyed the interaction of the PSO community. My main goal 'being more active in a community to increase my poker knowledge' has been a real success! My BR is in good shape and I'm feeling comfortable at the stake I'm playing. I just can't wait to find out what 2014 will bring!

Goodluck at the tables!!!

PokerIggy - Igor