So this month is the last month of the year. This means I will have to set me some goals this month so I can finish this year with some nice results. So my goals for this month will be:

1. Reach 10k VPPs (and clear another milestone).

By the end of November I had another 2500 VPPs I had to grind to complete another milestone (10k VPPs) and I didn't think I would have the time to reach this as I've never grinded so many VPPs together in a month, but sine I played 15k hands last two weeks, I have less than 2k VPPs that I need to grind till the end of the month. This meens about 500 VPPs a week. As I also have some free time the last week of the year, I think I should go for it!

2. I registered for VPP Challenge II

As I'm going to grind that much I just registered for the VPP Challenge II. I probably won't win anything as I just play 10NL, but who knows. Any $ I may win is welcome.

3. December Festival: Mission Weeks

Again a VPP challenge so count me in.

4. Review 2013

I'll review this year. My Time Vault challenge, my results, my progession, etc. (btw. That's funny. While writing this blog I just recieved a message about the Time Vault challenge that I need to do this. So lucky for me I already set that as a goal for this month)

5. Set up and post my 2014 goals.

I will post my new goals for 2014 somewhere this month. I've already started with this, but I'll need some time to set me some good and realistic goals.

6. Play the Big Bang

I'm not a MTT player, but I did recieve a Big Bang ticket with one of my blogs (thanks PSO!). Saturday night is not the best time for me to play poker, but I will have to make some time this time as all other Big Bang's I played I just played with the knowledge that I couldn't finish it. I'll try to keep the time free for playing it properly this time.

So December will be a busy poker month for me and it will be a challenge to find the time to do all this, but I think it will be a nice closing for this year when I finish these goals.

Good luck at the tables!