I decided to give a little update on my 10NL Zoom adventure I started half November. Until now I played alsmost 15k hands and I'm on the roll! I've had 2 losing sessions. One short session were I lost less than 1 BI and another 5k hands session that went a bit up and down, but ended with about -4BI). I think the fold button was broken as I noticed that I just had hard times folding the second best hand and I also played way too passive. When playing 4 tables, this can go down hard at the Zoom tables.  


Hands: 5015
Won $: -32.12
bb/100: -6.4
EV bb/100: -6.62

Yesterday evening I found some time to play another session. This session has been one of the best sessions I had in a long time! The cards just came and I was really focussed except in the beginning where I started to spew again, but luckily I pulled myself together and managed to get back in the zone (and stay there during the rest of the session). I played a pretty loose, selective but really aggressive style that payd himself off. I played pretty deep at all tables during this session and this made me even more money as people started to push 200bb effective stacks into the middle with strong preflop hands, but which they should have played more carefull looking at the board texture.

Hands: 1378
Won $: 86.35
bb/100: 62.66
EV bb/100: 67.31

My results since I started playing 10NL Zoom again:


Hands: 14467
Won $: 219.30
bb/100: 15.16
EV bb/100: 13.69

These numbers are looking promising and I'm pretty pleased about it. So lets wrap it up for now. I already posted my december goals in another blog message. I'll keep you all posted about my progress. Let's see what December will bring us...

Good luck guys. Just one more month to go! Lets finish this year with a bang!