Found some time to play a longer session today. I 2-tabled 10NL 6-max zoom and felt really confortable while playing. Making good laydowns and just getting the value when needed. I played this session without a HUD because I just wanted to play ABC poker instead of getting distracted by all the stats. I immediately cleared my week 3 mission so let's hope we get lucky there. Here my graph and stats of todays session:

Hands: 1169
BB/100: 43.91
Won $: 51.33
VPIP: 21.4
PFR: 14.7
3BET: 4.43
WTSD%: 32.5
W$SD%: 58.0

I'm pretty happy with the way I played and the results. I do notice the VPIP/PFR ratio. I think it could be a bit to low. Also the WTSD% is a bit high and because my W$SD% is also quite high I could imagine that I should valuebet a bit more on the river. Maybe someone can confirm that? But if so, I will have to find out in which spots to do this. I'll have to figure out how HM can help me to find the answer to this question. Maybe someone can explain me where to start (which filters, etc)?

So here some hands:

Hand 1

It's always nice to flop a set and see AK on the flop against a UTG opener. Too bad he had the only hand I didn't want him to have

Hand 2

I've seen this situation before (my video from a few days ago). I'm OOP with AK. Got called by villian PF. Then I hit my ace and bet out for value and get called. Then the river I bet out again for value and get called again. Then on the river I bet pretty small to hope that he's just playing passive and I got reraised pretty big. My thinking:

1. He is just floating with air or Ax (I've seen mutiple villains float with even AK from late position at 10NL) and maybe even thinks my bet on the river is a scared bet so het tries to make me fold.
3. He actually made a strong hand (like a set or 2 pair with AJ)

So what should I have done in this hand? Maybe check the turn for some pot control and to underrep my own hand So maybe play x/c to get max value from worse hands? Yeah I think maybe that would be a better play. Just let me know what you think.

Hand 3

After being 4bet that big I think I should have folded this hand. He could have anything from AK to JJ+. And even if he had a random hand. It's hard to continue on almost all flops unless I had hit my set. So fold PF would have saved me some chips.

That's it for now, I'm off to bed. To be continued...

Gl @ the tables to you all!