It's really weird. One moment I actually think I'm not beating 5NL at all. The other moment we have great sessions. Till now Augustus is a losing month which I hope to change in the couple of days still to come. Here my August graph: 



I'm currently about 7BI down this month. It hard to see that I can beat the game over quite some hands, but then end up in a losing spiral where it looks like I just cannot get out and lose all my winnings (and more).

Today I played pretty solid again and now really hope I can just continue this and recover my loses again in the next couple of days. We will see. Here my stats and graph of today: 

bb/100: 26.59
$ Won: 20.74 (28.72 EV adjusted)
VPIP: 16.8
PFR: 12.1
3B: 3
AF: 2.3

The graph is looking pretty solid I think. I played really focussed and didn't make too many mistakes. I only  caught myself to loose some pots because I started to play too pasive and went into calling station mode. I alsmost imediately took a deep breath and started to play my A game again.

So that's it for now. We'll see how this story ends. I'll let you al know. Till then gl at the tables and may the luck be with you!


No graph yet, but I almost had recovered my loses in the 31th. I was just 2 more BI down, but then my last session I started realy bad and ended the 31th at 12 o' clock with about 4 BI down I think. My session last until 1:30 AM on the 1st of september and won some big pots in the end so I guess my september month I started with 2 BI+ or so. Let see if we can manage to do things a bit better this month.