After playing 10NL zoom for a while (about 40k hands) I decided to go back to 5NL. My 10NL adventure started verry hopefull, but I noticed that I sometime lose my winnings in just a few sessions because I just couldn't get the player pool under control. I guess this was mainly happening when the player pool was filled with regs and I was becomming the fish they all wanted to catch  I think I've learned alot by playing 10NL and decided just then when I was playing breakeven after 40k hands that I should switch back to 5NL and see if I could make advantage of my 10NL knowledge.


So even that I didn't had a lot of time (compared to normally) I still played almost 12k hands this month and ended with a nice positive result. Here the stats and graph:

Hands: 11.438
BB/100: 7.01
Won $: 40,-
VPIP: 21.2
PFR: 15.4
3BET: 3.91
WTSD%: 27,3
W$SD%: 53,3


I don't like my graph very much. I's just so versatile. Some times my blue line  is going nice upwards and my red line is pretty stable. Sometimes my blue line is going up, but I just lose too much on non-showdown winnings resulting in slightly losing or breakeven sessions, sometimes I just loose a lot on showdown winnings which is probably caused by playing too passive, playing a too wide range (and again playing too pasive post flop), trying to bluff people out of the pot (bad habbit at 5NL!) or tilt because I'm tired or I lost a few big pots in a session with a big hand like a set of aces).


Ofcourse 7 bb/100 is nice, but because the graph is so versatile it could even end up -7bb/100 after a few 10k of hands I guess. Hmm, I really hope I can put my finger on it and find a way to solve this leak.

I hope I'll have some more time next month to also be active on the forum instead of putting all my spare time in playing poker. We'll see. Till then, gl at the tables!!